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When I'm not writing, buying airline tickets, editing photos, playing with my cat, or finishing off a case of Red Bull, I'm cruising the internet doing research. These are just a few of my favorite sites on travel, writers' resources, photography, women travelers, and food. There are loads of great sites popping up every day so if you recommend any I've missed, please let me know.

Happy cyber-hunting!

Travel and the Written Word:

Travelers Tales
Travel Writers
Travel Writers' News: The Bay Area and Beyond
Words Without Borders
Media Bistro
The Hard Way
Outside Magazine
National Geographic: Nat Geo, Adventure, and Traveler
World Hum
Written Road

Travel Book Retailers:

Book Passage

Travel/Adventure Resources:

Couch Surfing
Lonely Planet
Transitions Abroad
Center for Disease Control: Travel Alerts

Travel and Food:

Food Network: Travel
Food and Wine: Travel
Copia: American Center for Wine, Food, & the Arts
Happy Cow's Vegetarian Guide (Worldwide)
Vegetarian Vacations: A Holiday Directory
Modern Girl's Kitchen: Food Blog

Women's Travel Sites:

Tango Diva
Journey Woman
Adventure Divas
Wild Writing Women


Isabel Allende
Pam Houston
Susan Orlean
Jen Leo
Rolf Potts
Noel Riley Fitch


Chuck Place Photography
Juli Hayes-Nadler Photography

Other Sites Rachel's Involved With:

King Bee: Santa Barbara Retro Rock n'Roll Band (her beloved band!)
Santa Barbara Adventure Company (the company she guides with)
Turkish Egyptian Middle Eastern Dance (Mama Chihuahua's dance site)


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